A face-lift could be in Twitter’s future

According to Mashable, Twitter could be getting a face-lift in the near future. The story reports that Twitter is quietly testing a redesigned Twitter profile. Among other changes, Twitter’s small profile picture in the center of the page is now a larger image off to the left. Sound like the layout for another popular social media site?


Perhaps more importantly is the new style puts more focus on images. This could mean that Twitter is becoming aware of how many tweets are accompanied by images as well as how much an image adds to the content of a tweet, especial for brands. There are many reasons businesses should be using images in their tweets and social media posts, but among the best are an increase in total views and even more importantly an increase in engagement. 


Most of us probably haven’t seen these changes, as Twitter is only testing to a small group of people right now. However, I’m sure some changes will be rolled out soon. And just like the Facebook timeline rollout, it might take everyone a little while to get used to it. 


Do you think Twitter is in need of a makeover or do you wish they would just leave it alone already?


2 thoughts on “A face-lift could be in Twitter’s future

  1. Looks like Facebook to me. So will it be facebook for the older generation and twitter for the younger? Seems like a mixed bag of participants in both. We’ll see how it all plays out.

  2. I think that facilitating the ability to search and view more content is something that could benefit Twitter. However, making a copy this close to Facebook could be detrimental. People who use social media will choose their favorite method of connecting to others on social media because it is unique. Twitter has 140 characters; facebook has everything; vine has looping video. There is one defining trait for each social media site. For Twitter, less might be more in its users eyes.

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