The Great Debate: Quality vs. Quantity

Quality And Quantity Computer Keys Showing Choice Between Excell

The debate of quality vs. quantity of social media is not as easy to choose a side as one might think. Both sides have pros and cons to them, which each company needs to carefully examine for themselves.


If I were forced to choose a side I would choose quality of social media posts. This is because social media followers will be more likely to engage with a company if their posts include quality content that they want to interact with. High quality content is more likely to encourage dialog than posting anything as long as you are posting frequently. There’s a huge difference between posting a link and never looking back and having a back-and-forth with your followers/fans. Remember that if you want people to share your content and tell their friends about you, you need to give them a reason.


Quality is also more important when it comes to the number of social media networks a company joins. Instead of joining every network available but not being able to give each enough attention, it is better for a company to only join a few and be able to engage and listen to their followers in all channels. By focusing on the networks that will truly help you reach your customers, you will be more successful than casting a wide net and joining every new platform that is available.


However, when possible companies should try to find a middle ground between quality and quantity. Great posts are only important if you have customers to see them. If it takes you months to create quality posts, you won’t have any customers waiting around to see it. In order to stay top of mind for your customers, quantity of posts is necessary in order to not be forgotten. Therefore, it is important to combine quality with a quantity that is not overwhelming or too infrequent.


What side would you take in the quantity vs quality of social media debate?